Blue Visc V2

Acrylic on canvas 1992, 2015

48"h x 40"w x 7"d

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This is a faithful reproduction of a water stain left by a wet bathing suit on a black piece of cardboard. (See the ART HAPPENZ scan of the original stain). It is actually a photo-realistic rendering of the stain and thus it is shown in the House of Realism.
It took roughly 500 hours over 3 months to paint. I had to create a blinder system of a tiny rectangle in cardboard that was placed over the stain to enable me to refind that exact spot, once I looked away to paint on the canvas.....   The water stain was greenish/grey. However, the green was replaced with cobalt and prussian blue for the painting.

Blue Visc V2

In 2015, a new integrated illumination method required modification to the original work. The reflection of light on the gloss acrylic varnish required repainting the black with a matte finish. Blue perimeter areas were repainted to allow a better transition from gloss to matte. Small LED spotlights were fitted to the perimeter frame to illuminate only the areas with color. These powerful LEDs can cast a focused beam of only a few square inches. The frame was expanded by 4" on all sides to afford an off-canvas positioning of the spotlights. The result is a guaranteed correct lighting situation when viewed in a dark room. Room lights lessen the effect, but, even then, with combined lighting the painting is lit better than by traditional distant gallery/museum spot lights. A greater illusion of depth is created.

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