Print Sales - 4 Color Lithographs on heavy paper

Two options are available at this time:

Single Print: Hand Detailed*
...Unframed   $200.      Framed and Glazed (Plexiglas), wood board backing   $425. USDollars

All possible archival processes employed:
Printed on very heavy (110 lb) 100% acid free 12 point Warren Lustro Dull
Fade resistant special inks from the Royal Dutch Printing Ink Co.
32 x 25 inches finished size    (  81.3  x  63.5 cm )
26.5 x 19.5 inches image size  ( 67.3 x 49.5 cm )
Generous 2.7 inch (6.85 cm) white border on all sides.
* Hand Detailed by Gary Paul
        Each print is hand highlighted using  paint-brush and acrylic paint.
        Each print is unique... No two are exactly alike.
        Hand written in graphite under the image :
        Gary Paul     "Raging Waters of Andujar"    Hand detailed   - date of execution

Multiple Print Composition: 

Unframed $1800. USDollars
Framed and Glazed with Plexiglas ... $2300. USDollars

 This is a large work incorporating sections from 4 of the above prints
 joined into a 5.7 ft. (174 cm) length  x  20.6 inches (52.3 cm) height abstraction.
(mounted on painted 5mm Lauan plywood)
38" x 84" overall (96.5 cm x 213.4 cm)

 Heavy .012 inch (.3mm) thick acid free paper mounted on wood.
 Fade resistant special inks, acrylic polymer paints.
 All efforts made to meet archival standards.
 Extensive hand-painting is employed to blend the
 seams and harmonize the sections.  No two are alike.
 Your work of art will vary in fine detail from the above image.
These pieces are created by commission.
Please allow 30 days for execution.

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